Langley Air Force Base Power Upgrades
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Type of Work: Electrical

Client Name: USAF

Location: Langley Air Force Base, Hampton VA

Completion Date: 12/22/2011

General Contractor Information: Chugach Alaska Corporation

Contact: Freda Russo

Complexity of Work: High X  Mid___ Routine___


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Project Details :

Upgrade existing 2000 amp service to redundant 3000 A services.

Project requirements were to provide and install two 2500 KVA transformers for the upgrade of existing service while maintaining a strict no power loss requirement.

Harbor Construction Company, Inc. (HCCI) installed new underground primary duct bank, four way isolating switch, and two transformers for tie in of this facility to the new 22 KV loop that served the surrounding area. This included concrete encased primary and secondary cabling into existing switchgear. The scope of work also included all concrete pads and vehicular barriers, as the equipment was installed in close proximity to an active parking area.

The most challenging aspect of this project, with the sensitive nature of the facility, was to maintain an absolute no power loss requirement. HCCI, with extensive coordination and logistical planning, was able to install the necessary infrastructure while maintaining service. Then perform the switchover to the new service with the aid of generators sized to support the facilities power demand.